Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hangin' With the Big Kids

David loves his big brother and sister.  He always wants to be where they are. 
And, though David can be destructive and will often mess up whatever the big kids are working on, Michael and Kate are generally patient with him, and are doing a great job being kind and understanding to this little guy.

David follows the big kids everywhere.  Or everywhere I let him.  I have to catch him as he tries to ascend the steps to their rooms.  

And he's dying for the day that I will let him out in the deck to crawl around with them.  I let the big kids play on the deck alone (they are good about obeying the "outside rules"), but David can only be out there when I am with him.  He'll be as big as they are soon enough, but I think he wishes it were much sooner.  

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