Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kids' Rooms

I'm working on getting the big kids' rooms decorated (one of the reasons I've been a blog slacker!), and here are a few things I've been working on:
Kate's room is just getting started.  I'm going to do a garden theme with flower wall stickers and some picket fence around the bottom of her room.   I have the vision, but I still have to get the fencing (and have Jon install it with his staple gun), and then I need to get the flowers.  Kate LOVES flowers and is so excited about it.  

Michael has a cowboy room.  I really love his bedding, and I was able to score some cool western decor at Hobby Lobby last week for 66% off!  

Cool cowboy wall piece

Cowboy boot

Wall hooks (one of my favorite pieces)

 And an empty wall that I want to paint a silhouette mural of cowboys on a fence (like the pic below):
I just need to figure out how to do it without a projector...
(suggestions, anyone?)

 A great picture (Michael has this verse memorized.  He says it every day before rest time- which is really "play quietly time") and a horse shoe light switch cover.

And some odds and ends on his desk.  He uses this desk a lot to put together his Lego sets, or to play cars, or to read, or any number of fun things.  He loves his room.  One day, Michael came to me and said, "Mom, _________ (friend of his) gets to go to their room when they are in trouble.  Can I do that?"   Not a chance, big guy. :-) 
I will put up pictures when we make more progress, but this is where we are at now.