Sunday, May 22, 2011

We Love To Eat (and other oral tales)

David LOVES to eat, and he's not picky at all.  In fact, I've found quite a few interesting items consumed, like chunks of a nerf ball, a clod of dirt, a piece of flipflop, various papers... the list is broad.

Katie loves carbs.  That's about it.  

Michael is a great eater, and especially enjoys salad lately.  Unfortunately, he's been on a soft food diet ever since his 2 front teeth were knocked loose in an unfortunate accident after kids' club at church on Wednesday night.  The dentist says that at least the adult teeth above them were undamaged, and he was healing well and didn't require stitches.  But his 2 front teeth are quite loose, and will probably be on their way out in the next couple weeks, as long as Michael remembers to wiggle them.  He also now talks with this adorable little lisp.  :-D 

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