Sunday, July 31, 2011

Never Want To Grow Up

Maybe in Never Land, these kids would still look like the first picture. 
But alas, they are growing before my eyes.  

When It's Too Hot To Play Outside...

We've had a couple hot, hot weeks.  Like so:
So when the kids aren't in the kiddie pool, we find fun things to do inside. 
Like playing with trucks

And dressing up like Tinkerbell

Or play a guitar concert for little brother

Or dressing up like Tink AND Peter Pan, thus necessitating a reenactment of the entire movie
(Michael set this pose up himself)

Or getting into books out of the cabinet to "read."

making human burritos

Or dressing up like a bag princess.  
We also color pictures and create and play games and all sorts of fun energy-expending inside things.  Fun!  

Bubbles + Pool Water = Summer Fun

The kids dumped their bubbles in the pool and enjoyed the slippery, bubbly fun. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CSA Week 13 (plus menu)

Here's what came in our CSA box this week:
1 seedless watermelon, 1 cantaloupe, a dozen corn, 2 red peppers, 3 eggplant, 5 tomatoes, 4 zucchini, 4 squash

WEDNESDAY: Grilled chicken, grilled squash* and zucchini* kebabs, sliced watermelon*
THURSDAY: Chicken Squares, rice, fresh fried corn*, sliced cantaloupe*
FRIDAY: Bowtie lasagna, garlic bread, salad
SATURDAY: BLT*s, watermelon* & cantaloupe*, grilled zucchini* and squash*, grilled corn*
SUNDAY: Pizza and salad*
MONDAY:  Chicken spaghetti, peas, salad*
TUESDAY: Tacos, any leftover veggies*
* =from CSA share
We don't care for eggplant, and I had planned to pass this on to someone else, but the kids realized they would make great Veggie Tale characters, like so:
Meet Edward and Emily Eggplant 
(who, I was informed, are twins.  Fraternal, I'm guessing...)

Silly Michael Bug

Michael is such a silly monster.  He really is in such a fun stage, and he makes us laugh non-stop. 
I asked Michael what time it was, so he laid on the ground to show me like a clock.  Silly goose! 

Every time Michael hears Jon coming up from his office in the basement, he hides behind the door. 

Then he jumps out every time and screams, "BOO!"  and laughs SO hard.  It's hilarious!  (and even more hilarious when Jon really jumps, despite that Michael does this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME)

Michael thought this eggplant had hair like a girl, so he asked me to draw a face on her.  (he added the man-eyebrows and a squiggly chin).  He even named her Emily Eggplant.  Who says you can't play with your food. 

David's 1yr Stats

This silly stinker figure out how to push toys up close to the couch and tables to boost himself up to climb.  He's climbing, walking, and getting into everything.  We love this mischievous boy!!
He had his 1 year check-up, and got 3 shots as well as a blood draw.  Here are his stats:
WEIGHT: 23lbs (49th percentile)
HEIGHT: 31 1/2 inches (89th percentile)
HEAD: 47cm (64th percentile)
(head must've been mismeasured last time, since we KNOW his head didn't shrink half a cm)
Declared healthy, happy, and 100% mischief-maker!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Look Who's Walking!

I knew that once David got the guts, he would be walking all over the place.  He got brave earlier this week, let go, and he's been walking ever since.  Big Boy, David!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mommy and Kate Time

With Michael at VBS this week for 3 hours every day and David napping in the morning, Kate and I had some extra time to spend with each other. 
We did lots of reading together, played with paper dolls, colored, dressed up (her not me!), and had all sorts of fun together, just us girls. 

Little Escape Artist

While David had learned to kick one foot out of his high chair, I thought he was still quite secure in there. 
Not so.  (Does he not look so old in this pic?)

He had his whole body out today.  

And was checking out the leftovers on the floor.  


Sayin' Hot Hot Hot

It was HOT today (and this week), peaking at 105 degrees.  The kids enjoyed the pool (although Kate didn't get the memo that the towels are for drying off).  

A Proud Mommy

Michael went to Vacation Bible School with a friend this week, and he came home with 2 awards. 
He got the "Winner's Circle" award for (as Michael told me) being the "goodest."  He also got the "Servant's Heart" award for being a good helper. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CSA Week 12 (plus menu)

This week's CSA included:
1 pint grape tomatoes. a dozen corn, 6 summer squash, 4 zucchini, 2 cucumbers, a seedless watermelon, 5 tomatoes, 3 eggplant, 8 peaches

Of note, I passed along a pile of cucumbers left over from last week, since I'm the only one who eats them (and I'm not a huge cuke fan myself).  I also passed along the eggplant, as none of us cared for it.  

WEDNESDAY: Grilled cheese (David's choice for his birthday dinner) and grilled ham and cheese (Daddy needs some meat), grape tomatoes*, sliced watermelon*
THURSDAY:  Hamburger Rollups, rice, fresh fried corn*, cucumber* sticks with ranch, sliced watermelon*
FRIDAY: Hot dogs @ a picnic
SATURDAY: Grilled chicken, watermelon*, grilled zucchini* and squash*
SUNDAY: Pizza and salad*, peach* cobbler
MONDAY: Stuffed Turkey Rollups, mashed potatoes, green bean bundles
TUESDAY: Tacos, any leftover veggies*
* =from CSA share

How Old Is David?

Just ask him.  He will tell you.


We went bowling today with some good friends of ours. 
 We took advantage of our free game of bowling, as well as a free pizza.  Yay for coupons.  (Notice David watching all the bowling action from his high chair.  He loved watching, and when I tried to let him down, he quickly crawled over and headed right down the lane.  Luckily, I'm faster than he is, but not by much.)  Maddie and MacKenzie are such sweet helpers, and they are really great with David. 

I didn't think too much about it before getting bowling shoes, but Kate has tiny little pixie feet.  She wears a 6toddler, which is technically supposed to fit a girl 18-24months.  Kate is almost 4.  

Kate hugs her friend Morgan after a good round of bowling.  

These 2 are best buds.  Michael and Micah were inseparable from the moment they met.  
We're thankful for good friends.  

Happy 1st Birthday, David!

We celebrated David's 1st birthday today! 
The cutie birthday boy!

Of course, his door was decorated.  

A few presents

And froggie cupcakes

He got to see Daddy first thing in the morning, a rare treat. 

David loves balls, so we got him this big bouncy ball, which he hit around the house for a long time while yelling, "Ball!" 
We had pizza for lunch and went bowling.  David didn't do much bowling, but he loved watching the big kids bowl.

He got his favorite meal for dinner- grilled cheese. 

Then he dug into a frog cupcake. 

Oops, forgot the candle. 

David was not a big fan of the sticky icing on his fingers.  I thought he would dig into his cupcake, but a couple tastes and he couldn't get past the sticky fingers.  

But he did love the smoothie after dinner.  
Also, David took 2 steps on his own this week.  He's growing up!!
David, how can you possibly be a year old already!?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coming Tomorrow...

 This baby of mine will officially be ONE tomorrow.
And we plan on celebrating it right!
This is one of the things I am working on:

Monday, July 18, 2011

The World Needs More Flowers

We just love this precious girl!
Kate's friend Grace gave her this dance dress (along with some tap shoes), and she was in 7th heaven.  She kept twirling and dancing around.  She is so darling!  She told me the other day that she wished the world were just FULL of flowers so she could pick them all.  I guess in her mind that would solve all the world's woes.  A world full of flowers= world peace. :-)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happiness on the Swings

David thought the swings were SO much fun.  I love his giggles!

Park, Playground, and Hike

It's a lovely day today, so we had lunch at the park, played on the playground for a while, then went on a hike. 
The hikers (minus me and my backpack cargo)

Oh, there we are.  David rode on my back in the Ergo carrier and thought the hike was pretty cool. 

Beautiful scenery included some rock outcroppings. 

 And a gently flowing creek.

Which we couldn't help wading in.  Michael and Kate wanted to fish for minnows, but we didn't have their nets and a jar.  Next time. 

David's First Hair Cut

In preparation for turning 1 on Wednesday, David got his first hair cut today.

Before- look at all those wavy locks. 

 During.  David did very well sitting still in my lap. 
After!  He looks so big.  

Pardon the half-chewed chicken nugget.

He looks so much older to me.  Where did the last year go?!

Mommy got a (much needed) haircut, too, but it's not nearly as cute as David.