Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CSA Week 13 (plus menu)

Here's what came in our CSA box this week:
1 seedless watermelon, 1 cantaloupe, a dozen corn, 2 red peppers, 3 eggplant, 5 tomatoes, 4 zucchini, 4 squash

WEDNESDAY: Grilled chicken, grilled squash* and zucchini* kebabs, sliced watermelon*
THURSDAY: Chicken Squares, rice, fresh fried corn*, sliced cantaloupe*
FRIDAY: Bowtie lasagna, garlic bread, salad
SATURDAY: BLT*s, watermelon* & cantaloupe*, grilled zucchini* and squash*, grilled corn*
SUNDAY: Pizza and salad*
MONDAY:  Chicken spaghetti, peas, salad*
TUESDAY: Tacos, any leftover veggies*
* =from CSA share
We don't care for eggplant, and I had planned to pass this on to someone else, but the kids realized they would make great Veggie Tale characters, like so:
Meet Edward and Emily Eggplant 
(who, I was informed, are twins.  Fraternal, I'm guessing...)

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