Thursday, July 07, 2011

First Born Son

Michael will be starting school very soon, and I've been thinking on how fast these years have gone.  If I ponder it too long, I might cry, so I will just say that we are really looking forward to beginning the school years this fall.  Michael is SO excited about kindergarten, and he really loves to learn.  I have no doubt that he will just love school. 
At Hobby Lobby yesterday, the cashier remembered us from our previous visit a couple weeks ago.  Actually, she remembered my kids, and she asked me, "How do you just not laugh at this funny boy all day long?"  I told her that she didn't know the half of how much this boy makes us laugh.  He comes up with some pretty hilarious things, and he's always thinking and over-thinking things.  It's fun getting the occasional glimpse into how his 5-year-old mind works.

 Michael loves to build things.  He got a couple of little Lego sets and an Erector set for his birthday.  They said for Ages 7+, so I put them on a shelf for him to grow into.  One day, he was begging me to do them, so I got one down and spent WAY too much time putting one together myself for him.  He wanted to put one together one day during his rest time in his room, so, with low expectations, I sent him up with it thinking that at least he would be occupied for a while.  Not too long later, he came down with the whole thing completed, and said he just followed the instructions.  No big deal.. :-)

 Michael loves to play with David.  He is so patient with him, and protects him from Kate, who can't seem to keep her hands off her baby brother.  They make each other laugh, and it's cute to see the boys bonding over cars, baseballs, and other things.  Michael can always get a laugh from David, and he knows all David's best tickle spots. 

An older friend Luke helped Michael put this helicopter together.  Michael loves hanging with the older boys, and learns a lot from them.  
What a wonderful, special boy we have been blessed with!  

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