Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, David!

We celebrated David's 1st birthday today! 
The cutie birthday boy!

Of course, his door was decorated.  

A few presents

And froggie cupcakes

He got to see Daddy first thing in the morning, a rare treat. 

David loves balls, so we got him this big bouncy ball, which he hit around the house for a long time while yelling, "Ball!" 
We had pizza for lunch and went bowling.  David didn't do much bowling, but he loved watching the big kids bowl.

He got his favorite meal for dinner- grilled cheese. 

Then he dug into a frog cupcake. 

Oops, forgot the candle. 

David was not a big fan of the sticky icing on his fingers.  I thought he would dig into his cupcake, but a couple tastes and he couldn't get past the sticky fingers.  

But he did love the smoothie after dinner.  
Also, David took 2 steps on his own this week.  He's growing up!!
David, how can you possibly be a year old already!?

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