Thursday, July 07, 2011

Happy David

This sweet, happy boy has less than 2 weeks before he turns 1. 
He's such a sweet boy.  He gives hugs abundantly, and he will stop in the middle of (his rare) crying to give you a smile.  He's definitely "on the go," but he's just a precious, cuddly baby who is growing up WAY too fast!

He's been working on his cruising, and I think if he had the guts to let go, he could walk.  

And I had to admit it, but he's going to need a haircut soon.  I'm never brave enough to do the first haircut, so I'll be taking him soon to get his baby locks cut.  I've been dragging my feet, since I know it will make him look so much older.  Time is racing by, and my baby is turning into a toddler!!

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