Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Silly Michael Bug

Michael is such a silly monster.  He really is in such a fun stage, and he makes us laugh non-stop. 
I asked Michael what time it was, so he laid on the ground to show me like a clock.  Silly goose! 

Every time Michael hears Jon coming up from his office in the basement, he hides behind the door. 

Then he jumps out every time and screams, "BOO!"  and laughs SO hard.  It's hilarious!  (and even more hilarious when Jon really jumps, despite that Michael does this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME)

Michael thought this eggplant had hair like a girl, so he asked me to draw a face on her.  (he added the man-eyebrows and a squiggly chin).  He even named her Emily Eggplant.  Who says you can't play with your food. 

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