Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sunshine and Roses

This sweetie girl Kate is so refreshingly sweet.  
She loves all things girlie.  He favorite color is "pink and purple" (together, as though picking one might offend the other), she adores flowers, and dressing up (accessories and heels required) is a favorite past time of hers. 

In addition to all this girlieness, she is so loving and sweet.  Kate often randomly comes up and sincerely says, "I just love you, Mom."  She is cuddly and affectionate, and she loves to climb up into my lap with a book.  She would love for me to read to her all day long.  Kate is really good at playing by herself.  She will sit down with her tea set and spend an hour or two rearranging the plates and putting on quite the tea party.  And all she wants to do when she grows up is to be a Mommy.  
We love this precious girl.  She's a ray of sunshine in the midst of tough brothers. 

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