Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CSA Week 15 (plus menu)

This week's CSA share:
1 seedless watermelon, 1 cantaloupe, 3 Asian pears, 3 green peppers, a dozen corn, 6 potatoes, 6 peaches, 5 tomatoes, okra, a good variety of hot peppers (jalapenos & pablanos are what I could identify)
WEDNESDAY: Pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions
THURSDAY: Pork chops with sour cream sauce, rice, fresh fried corn*, sliced watermelon*, salad
FRIDAY:  Grilled chicken, grilled Parmesan potatoes, glazed carrots, steamed broccoli
SATURDAY: BBQ at friend's house (taking bacon jalapenos* and chocolate eclair cake)
SUNDAY: Pizza and harvest salad*
MONDAY:  Meatloaf, potatoes au gratin, peas, salad
TUESDAY: leftovers
* =from CSA share

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