Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We had an 5.8 earthquake today here in Virginia, with the epicenter about 45 miles SW of Fredericksburg.  It was quite frightening, and I ran to get the kids, all of whom had just gone down for a  rest/nap. Poor David had just fallen asleep and was yanked from his crib to head for a doorway (because that's what they do in the movies...).  Michael was quite frightened, as he thought a car had run into our house or a tornado was coming.  We had some picture fall, the china fell, and some other things got shaken off, but otherwise, we are fine- just a little shook up. ;-) 
Michael didn't want to settle down afterwards, so I reminded him (and myself):
1. God is powerful and completely in control.
2. God is good and He loves us very much.
Through scary times &/or difficult times, those 2 facts sustain me.  Thankful for a good, loving, all-powerful God.

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