Thursday, August 25, 2011

Earthquakes & Thunderstorms & Hurricanes, Oh My!

Tonight, to add to our week of Earthquakes and aftershocks (we had a pretty nice 4.5 about 1:15am this morning- we were still up and the kids slept through it), we had a ferocious thunderstorm.  The wind was SO strong, and the rain was pounding.  Afterward, we saw many big trees down, branches everywhere, limbs hanging, etc.  We were without power for quite a few hours. 
But the house smelled so nice from the lovely candles keeping the darkness at bay (though the flash makes it look quite bright in the house, it was pretty dark).

Poor Kate was absolutely terrified.  She saw the trees bending over and was sure one was going to fall on her.  I held her for a while, then all she wanted was to cuddle under a blanket.  Sweet girl.  Michael thought it was "Cool!"  David was oblivious. 
We are supposed to leave for our vacation Saturday afternoon, however, Hurricane Irene is supposed to hit Sunday night.  So we will hunker down here for another night, not risking being that close to VA beach, as they are supposed to get a significantly more intense storm there than we are here.  We are looking forward to vacation, though. 

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