Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Aftermath

Hurricane Irene tore across the east coast this weekend. We had many downed limbs but no real damage to speak of.  Thankfully, we maintained power throughout it all (cable and internet was another story.  I realized how much we rely on the internet for info!).  We called the Williamsburg resort again today, and we were told that they are still without power and the town is basically shut down.  I figured that since it's colonial-themed, they would just light some lanterns and call it done.  ;-)  So we're doing a modified vacation here at home- lots of field trips, taking it easy, trips to the park.  Fun stuff. 
The kids were good helpers picking up branches and debris from the yard.  Afterward, they had fun collecting acorns.  

 I battoned down the hatches before Irene hit, and the only thing that blew off was the grill cover, and  it was pinned under the side. 

The day after Irene hit (Sunday) was a lovely day, and we've had fantastic weather today, too.  I guess it's not unusual for a hurricane to blow some mild, comfortable air in afterward.  We are enjoying it, for sure.  

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