Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zoo Trip

We met our friends The Seekins at the National Zoo on Friday.  They can fly free through Joel's work, so we decided to meet up for a day trip.  We really love spending time with the Seekins, and we are thankful for a close friendship, even though many miles separate us.
4 adults, 6 kids, lots of animals= tons of fun. 
3 silly Blakemore kids

6 zoo cuties

Benjamin and his Daddy

The boys are as strong as elephants.

David and Grace enjoyed hanging out in the stroller. Grace was cool with it, even though David kept pointing out all her facial parts. We kept getting comments on how cute the twins were. :-)

2 boys standing like flamingos.
What a wonderful time we had with good friends!
On a side note, I read in this news piece that the zoo animals seemed to sense the earthquake a good bit before it happened.  Interesting how the animals seem to be able to notice more than we busy, distracted humans can.

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