Friday, September 02, 2011

Into The Great Wide Open

We have had some nearly perfect days this week, so we have spent a LOT of time outside playing. 
This guy LOVES to be outside. He tries to sneak out the doors when I'm not looking.  

These 2 are excellent bug catchers.  For being a girlie girl, my daughter has no qualms about handling just about ANY insect, amphibian, or even reptile (as in, freak-me-out snake skin).  

Oh, how he wishes he were a big kid and able to play down with the others.

Michael caught this massive frog in our yard.  We have a catch-observe-release policy in our family, since I can't handle emptying and cleaning after dead bugs and animals. 

And here's a preview if what is coming in to aid our outdoor adventures... more info soon.

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