Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Michael's First Day of School

Michael was pretty excited to get up today and get ready for his first day of school this morning.
He enjoyed cereal and cottage cheese for breakfast (His request. Not together, though).  During breakfast, we read a Psalm and a Proverb, then we prayed for a great first day of school. 

(Doesn't he look SO old in this picture?  I can imagine him as a teenager if I look hard enough.)
We were out about 15 minutes early to wait for the bus.  Michael could hardly wait!  The bus was about 6 minutes late- probably from all the moms taking pictures of their kids getting on the bus.  :-)  It was raining quite steadily, so we stood under an umbrella.  Kate joined us for about 2 minutes, then got cold and went inside to watch us from the window (after which we grabbed a jacket for Michael.  It was a little chilly).  
That is his bus tag around his neck.  His lunch (which I let him pick) was PB&J, cottage cheese, applesauce, a fresh peach, yogurt, fruit snacks, and water. I also put a little note with a Hershey's kiss in there as a surprise.   For snack, he had a goldfish/raisins trail mix and milk.  He was just about as excited to help me pack his lunch as he was about the prospect of eating it.    

When he got on the bus, he didn't even look back.  I have no doubt that he will LOVE school!
(In case you're wondering, I did get a little teary-eyed when the bus drove away.  I just know the years are flying by, and this is another reminder.  I'm going to miss him A LOT during the day.)

Another mother recommended that, instead of driving them the first day, I should put him on the bus to get used to the routine, then meet him at school to give him (and me) one last reassurance.  Michael is only on the bus for 10 minutes, but it seemed much longer waiting for him.  When I gave him one more hug and wished him a wonderful day, he told me that riding the bus was THE. COOLEST. THING. EVER.  I love how excited he is about it all. 
I'll report on his first day of school when he comes home, but I think he might find a lot of things to qualify as "coolest thing ever."  Happy 1st day of school, Michael!!

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