Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Day to be 6

Michael had a great day today on his birthday.  Yes, he went to school, but he really loves school, and he was glad for all the attention.  He was telling EVERYONE within hearing distance (and some without) that it was his birthday.  He was yelling it to the road workers down the street as we waited for the bus this morning. 
This pose pretty much sums up his day- Sheer excitement.  

 A boatload of presents

A smile from ear to ear 

A day to be king 

And to get cool stuff 

And even more cool stuff (including a helicopter shirt that I brought for him to open when I got him up this morning.  He loved it, and he put it on right away).   

Michael picked a strawberry cheesecake as his cake (thank you, Costco!), and he took in little mini  red velvet cupcakes to his classmates.   

He ate his cheesecake on his "You are special" plate, which gets pulled out on special occasions (when I remember).  We had pizza for dinner (Michael's choice), but we ate dessert first.  Because it's a birthday, that's why.  

Michael also chose to spend some time at Funland where he proceeded to run and run and play and run some more.  He was just so excited!  Michael said this was his best birthday ever, and I'm sure it will be until next year!  Happy birthday, precious boy!

A Portrait of Daddy

Kate made a portrait of Daddy, but she said he would look better with "rainbow hair."
And he does, doesn't he?

Happy 6th Birthday, Michael

Happy birthday to my fun-loving, smart, energetic SIX-year-old! I can't believe Michael is 1/3 of the way to an adult! We're so glad that God blessed us with this boy! We love you, Michael Andrew Blakemore!!
(And Yes, I DID male his bed for him this morning!)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Michael's Last Day as a 5-yr-old

Michael is enjoying his last day as a 5-year-old today.  
This morning, he asked me if we could celebrate his last day being 5 by having ME make his bed for him.  Good try, buddy!  Maybe on your birthday.  :-)  
(photo by my sister Hollie.  More to come!  She's so talented!)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 in Tennessee

We spent our Thanksgiving this year visiting family in Tennessee.  It was a long trip (about 9 hours), but the kids did great!
Tennessee is beautiful!  We went to the Pigeon Forge area, and were able to visit and spend time with my 2 older sisters, which was wonderful.
I seemed to have misplaced some pictures from the trip- you know, the pictures of the PEOPLE we went to see, but I did find our aquarium pics.  
The kids were not excited about posing, but they did enjoy the underwater creatures. 

We got to watch a diver show us up close what each kind of fish was. 

 Lots of fish.  I forgot that the aquarium would smell like... well, like fish.  I'm not a fan of seafood, but there are some very cool creatures that live in the sea. 

This is the view of a sawfish from underneath.  Very cool. 

Up close and personal with the sharks.  

The kids even got to handle some big ol' crabs (though the adults enjoyed it more!)

Michael, the deep sea diver. 

Michael also loved hanging out the penguins up close. 

They actually all enjoyed the penguins, especially that they got to see them so close.  

This is one ugly fish.  Maybe she has a good personality??

 The most beautiful sea creatures, in my opinion, are the jellies.  So graceful.

Once I find the people pics, I will post.  We were so glad to spend time with those we love over Thanksgiving.  We're thankful for family!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Shirt Says It All

Cutie Pie

Fun with a Box

The kids have fun every time we get a package in the mail.  This box was especially large.  It has been a boat, a train, a hideout for Thing 1 and Thing 2, & a canvas for art (just to name a few).  Fun times.

(Another post will need to be dedicated to the contents of the box.  It's a little OCD heaven for my pantry.)

 Michael hard at work.

Kate busy with her project.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Curlie Sue

I rag-rolled Kate's hair after her bath on Saturday night so she could have curls on Sunday.  She was so excited about wearing them to bed (actually, they were clean, odd socks, cuz that's how we roll... ha ha!)
The next morning, after I took the socks out of her hair, she was so upset.  She thought that everyone would think she looked silly.  

It really did turn out cute.  

 She was not excited at all.  

Daddy told her how pretty her hair was, and that helped, but she really started to like it after we went to church and she got many compliments on her hair.  

Monday morning, the curls turned into pretty waves.  So easy and so cute.  Kate has such thin hair that it took about 8 rolls to do her entire head.  We will definitely be doing this again.  

Righty and Lefty

I had to make an official rule that the kids sit with Michael on this side, and Kate on the other.  They kept bumping elbows while coloring and getting upset.  Now all is well again. 

Stylin' Baby

David is a little mimic.  He loves to sport Kate's bows and such. 

"How is this one on me?"

Wear it proudly, big guy.  
On a less silly note, I ended up taking David back to the doctor again today for yet another ear infection.  The last one took 3 antibiotics to clear up the infection, and today we talked about tubes in his ears.  If this one is long and drawn out like the last one, we will see the ENT next.  I'm ready for this boy to feel better and to sleep well.  

Saturday, November 19, 2011

CSA Week 23

Our November box of produce included:
Large bag of spinach, 2 acorn squash, 5 turnips, 5 sweet potatoes, 5 white potatoes, head of cabbage, 5 green apples, head of cauliflower, 7 tomatoes

These Boys

They bring so much FUN into our lives. 
They already have a brotherly bond, and really do enjoy each other.   

Michael and David really enjoy racing each other. 

David loves to eat just as much as his big brother. 

David is SO curious!  He loves rearranging furniture, as well as climbing on anything he can find. 

David loves to play ball.

And anything that is noisy is just fantastic.  He helps me grind my coffee beans in the morning, since it makes a pretty awesome sound.  
I miss having Michael here during the day, but it's pretty great having him home when he is here.  These boys are SO fun!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cute Troublemaker

David has been into things lately.  Into EVERYTHING!  I honestly have to contain him in his crib when I use the bathroom, or he will get into something since he knows I'm out of sight.  Stinker!
But he has this adorable smile that is just darling!  

And he still loves to be held by his Mommy, and I love his cuddles.  Such a fun stage, even if I have to watch him like a hawk. 

Computer Time

Kate got to begin a little educational computer time when she turned 4. 
She is still getting the hang of it, and she's fun to watch, as she's so delicate (except for when she bangs the space bar over and over again!)

Michael is quite the computer wizard.  He loves to play on PBS kids.  

Cardboard Box + Markers + Imagination =

My kids just love cardboard boxes. 

Michael is getting so creative.  I think school is bringing out his imagination a lot more, and it's been fun to watch him work on random projects.  

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kate is Sad

I love this girl.  She's so... well, she's girlie!  

She came up on the deck after playing on her bike (yes, in a dress) and was weeping bitterly because "all the flowers went away."  I tried to explain that they would come back in the spring, but it didn't assuage her devastation that they are no longer here.  I just cuddled her and said I know it's sad since flowers are so pretty. 

She eventually got over it and went back to riding her bike.  In a dress.