Thursday, March 29, 2012

Letter from a Leprechaun

Michael got a mysterious letter in the mail from Rainbow Land.
He was pretty excited to read that it was from a *REAL* leprechaun. 

Apparently, this leprechaun knows that we use currency instead of gold, and Michael was ecstatic to get another dollar to save toward a Wii.  

Clumsy Kate

Unfortunately, Kate has my grace.  She was practicing hopping on one foot, and she banged her head on the window sill.  
It turned blue and got huge within seconds.  

She was pretty sad about it.  

But a big Elmo band-aid made it all better.  

Little Engineer

David's new love is Thomas trains.  We play together often, and he plays with them every day.  They are definitely his favorite.  
(Yes, I assembled that track.  David's not THAT advanced...) ;-)

Happy 3,001st Post

I don't really keep track, but when I logged into Blogger today, it said that I officially have 3,000 posts.  I keep this blog as a journal and as memories to share with my kids, as well as to keep friends and family updated on our doings.  Who knew I was verbose enough to fill 3,000+ posts? (I'm guessing you did...)
David cutie is growing up so quickly.  He will be 2 in July, and is maturing and developing at a speed that seems unreal.  He talks a lot, and he adores playing with trains.  His most favorite place to be, though, is outside.  David learns and discovers something new every day (for example, his pockets in the above picture).  He's such a joy, and our whole family just adores his cuteness.  

Michael has just blossomed at school.  He's learning so much, and he has become an avid reader.  He loves Magic Tree House Books, as well as The Boxcar Children, and he does really well at math (like Daddy).  His favorite things about school are recess, PE, and lunch.  In that order.  Michael also is doing great in Awana.  We started late this year, but he has already caught up and even surpassed the current lesson. He has worked hard in memorizing verses and the NT books, and he has incredible retention.  We love watching this boy grow up before our eyes.  

Kate is a precious ball of sweetness and love.  She adores pretty things, and she loves having girl time with Mommy.  I brought her along with me when I had dinner with a friend recently, and she has the most fabulous time.  Afterward, we stopped at a cupcake shop and bought a couple (overpriced) cupcakes, but the experience was so worth it to spend some special time with my girl.  Kate is also doing well in Awana.  She memorizes really well, and does a good job on her verses.  Kate adds that special girlie touch to our family, and we love her! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Fredericksburg Home and Garden Show was this past weekend, and Jon always represents Rappahannock Building and Remodeling for the weekend.
 Despite his sickness, he managed to make quite a few contacts.  

The kids and I went by to visit on Sunday after church, and we enjoyed looking at all the interesting booths and displays.  
Excuse Kate's freaky eyes.  I'm not the best photographer, especially in bad lighting.  

The Joys of Nature

It's amazing how much fun a squiggly worm can be after the rain. 

The Plague Continues

We've continued to spread our germs throughout the whole family.  Everyone except yours truly has gotten the fever, pukes, cough, and chest congestion.  
 Kate was a hot mess.  

Jon's went deep into his chest, and I ended up working as a nurse this weekend, even though this was my weekend off.  I only had a pediatric nebulizer mask, but Jon made do as I dosed him (and the rest of the family) with Michael's Albuterol and Pulmicort Nebs.  I'm hoping that I avoid it, despite the constant germ exposure and lack of sleep.   

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Weather = Long Walks

We have had simply beautiful weather lately, and we've taken advantage of many evenings to take long walks with the family.  
"Wait up, guys!" 

Kate, my flower princess 

Looking for signs of underwater life at the lake 

Daddy and his littlest guy 

Brothers.  So sweet! 

And this has nothing to do with our walks, but it's so stinkin' cute that I couldn't resist.  David brings a special joy to us all with his sweetness and laughter.  

T-ball Season

It's that time again- t-ball season.  Michael is on the Mets this year, and he has quite a few kids on his team that were on his team last year, plus a few new friends. 
Michael is doing much better this year than last year.  He's doing great at stopping the ball and throwing to 1st base.   Michael, as before, just LOVES running the bases.

Daddy, the unofficial hitting coach

Whining & Fevers & Puking, Oh My!

We've had a couple days lying low, since the kids have been sharing germs and sickness- puking, fevers, sleeplessness.  Today, we watched some PBS kids, then did some puzzles.  We've been working on restoring our energy and trying to catch up on lost sleep.  We had a busy week, and unfortunately had to miss quite a few activities: Math & Reading Curriculum night at school, Bible study, Awana, and had to cancel dinner with friends, so as not to share our germs.  I'm hoping we will be healthy soon!
We use puzzles and games to learn lots around here:
Michael is learning his states and their capitols, as well as basic US geography.  

Kate is a pro with her ABCs, and she's putting together basic words. 

David uses puzzles to learn word sets.  Clothing, animals and their sounds, play items, etc.

Little Explorers

Michael and Kate have been quite the explorers, creating adventures as they tromp through the woods in our back yard. 
Boots: rain and snow will do.  Gloves: to prevent the "poke berries" from hurting their hands.  Skirt: because you can never be too overdressed. Hats: to keep the hot, hot sun off their heads.

Ready to explore!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Super Why

 David's new favorite show (of which he consistently watches for about 5 minutes before getting bored and running off to play) is Super Why from PBS Kids.  He knows when it comes on and shouts, "WHY!" in anticipation.  Today, Wyatt said "Say your name" as David stood by watching.  David obediently said "your name."  Cutie!

(that's an Elmo box currently functioning as an arm accessory) 

And he's over it.  
We definitely prefer playing, especially with trains.  David has spent hours with the Thomas trains lately.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Summer before Spring

We have had insanely beautiful weather this week and last, we we have spent every spare moment outside.  I also have gotten that spring cleaning bug, thus my lack of blogging during "down" time here at home.
 Kate is becoming much more adventurous outside.  She's been playing in the woods, biking, climbing, and rescuing poor little worms that end up on the pavement.  

We haven't taken the time to teach Michael to ride his bike without training wheels, mainly because we don't have a good place to practice.  He has decided that he will not be riding his bike again unless those training wheels come off.  He is attempting to remove them here while David helps.  Michael has discovered the woods behind our house.  He's sufficiently caked his sneakers with mud yet again today.  

David LOVES to be outside.  He yells, "SIDE!" and brings me his shoes all the time (though we've spent most of our free time outside anyway).  He is really good at climbing the ladder and he loves coming down the slide.  He's a big fan of swinging, too.  Lately, he's been a huge fan of bubbles.  
These guys are so fun!

Baby Love

I got to watch this little cutie last week, and it made me realize just how big my little David is getting!  

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Growing David

Our little David is not so little anymore.  He's really growing up!  I took care of a friend's little baby on Tuesday, which made David seem that much older.  

He loves to play, and he's all boy! 

Don't let the shirt fool you.  He's not that little.   

And the closer we get to age 2, the more he likes to show his little attitude, which we are working on.  He sure can make a nasty mean-face and do some serious arm-crossing. 

But in general, he's a happy boy.  

Why do boys do weird things?  This is David tasting the chalk art.  

David is a good climber.  He's mastered the steps, and he can really get going on the roller coaster.  And as you can see from his facial expression, David has not been a recent fan of being photographed.  

Winter or Spring?

On Monday, we got a couple inches of snow. 
By about 4pm, there wasn't a trace of it left.  
Today, it was 74 degrees. 

We spent hours upon hours outside today. 

 Kate even got a chance to float her boat that she made in Bible Study this week.

Michael expended some energy after school.  He can get SO high on the "horse."