Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Fun

It has been pretty decent weather the beginning of this week, but tomorrow and the weekend are supposed to be closer to 110 than 100.  HOT!  Since vacation, we've been getting into a summer routine, which includes lots of playing and enjoying ourselves.  Swinging/jumping/running/exploring, painting, playing, games, etc has been our MO lately.   
 Enjoying some fun with trains

Wii adventures

Brownies for dessert

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Williamsburg, 2012: Days 4,5,&6 (W/Th/F)

Yes, this is a combined post, as we are home now and actually have a good internet connection.  I was quite frustrated trying to tether my phone to the computer when I had a bad cell connection.  We loved the condo and resort we stayed in, but would have really liked free WiFi.  Oh well.  Can't have it all. :-)
Our week ended with some odds and ends, including a sick Daddy.  He rested a lot those last couple days, but he is feeling better now.  
We spent a good bit of time in the pool, since it was HOT, HOT, HOT these last few days.  Michael is learning to swim and getting more comfortable in the water.  Kate was totally chicken.  She really just wanted her feet in.  David was fearless.  He kept wanting to get "down" in 4ft water.  It was fun, but a lot of work watching 3 little ones in the pool.  

We saw some Williamsburg wildlife.

Jon spotted a Zaxbys, and he insisted we stop and eat there.  It was a good college memory.  

Yummy, Zaxbys!

We spent a good bit of time at that park.

And I think we sufficiently de-energized the kids with the addition of the heat.

Fun times at the park

We caught lightning bugs in the evening, and used our wine glasses as a jar.  The kids thought it was great (even if they only caught a few).  
What a fun and memorable trip we had!  We're thankful for the week, and in the generosity of family who gave us their time-share points!  What a blessing!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Williamsburg, 2012: Tuesday (Day 3)

Today, we headed to Fort Eustis to see the base and to check out the US Army Transportation Museum.
Of course, the kids thought all the cool vehicles, planes, helicopters, and boats were very cool. 

It went through the eras in our country from the initial horseback riders to current day transport. 

My lovely daughter enjoyed exploring.

We very much enjoyed the museum, which was free.  

We  came back to the condo for a late nap for David and some down-time for the big kids (The Incredibles), then we had dinner of burritos.  
After dinner, we spent a couple hours at a really awesome park.  
The park was huge, which is nice for Michael.  Parks seem to be built for the 5-and-under stage. 

Big slides and lots to climb on 

And lots of dirt and mulch to add some filth to the fun. 

The park had lots of big structures to play in. 

Fun on the bouncers.

The park even had zip lines, and even Daddy took a turn playing on them.  
When it started to get dark, we came back for baths and bedtime.  Another good day of vacation!

Williamsburg, 2012: Monday (Day 2)

On Monday, we had a rough start.  This little guy-
 ...was up often throughout the night with a stomach bug.  Many, many diapers later, and a long, long late-morning nap, he was feeling better.  So we headed out for Colonial Williamsburg to see the sights.  

On the way there, we found a couple of trees to climb.   

Horse and buggy 

3 cuties 

The kids enjoyed some of the sights, but they're not that in to history yet.  

They did a good job with all the walking and sight-seeing. 

Until we decided to put them in stocks.  :-) 

 Colonial band
George Washington even came to rally the troops. 

George was well-guarded by his personal militia. 
We had spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread for dinner back at the condo.  Nice that we have a kitchen and laundry facilities here.  That makes it very convenient.  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Williamsburg Vacation, 2012, Day 0.5 and 1

We left for Williamsburg on Saturday and got here around 5pm.   We checked into our condo, and determined that it is NICE!
This is the 2nd bedroom that the kids are sharing.  David is in a pack-n-play.  They have their own bathroom. 

The unit came with a washer and dryer.  Awesome considering all the pool time we plan on enjoying.

It has a full kitchen and dining room.  

 Plus a wet bar in the living room (which I turned into a changing station).  Nice large flat-screen TV and fireplace.

 The living room is quite spacious, and the balcony faces back to a pretty tree-line.

 Daddy checked it out for comfort. 

After we arrived, we stopped for some chick-fil-a, then we headed to walmart and bought a ton of groceries. 

 This morning, we went to Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, and we had a wonderful service worshipping God.  Wish this one were closer to us, but a 2-hour commute is a tad far.  

 We celebrated Father's Day after church with tacos and time with Daddy, then, while David and Daddy took a nap, I took the older kids on a scavenger hunt around the property.  After the boys were awake, we went to the pool for a while, even though it was a little cool.  We had a fun time.  We watched a movie together, and then played for a bit, then popcicles on the porch before the kids turned in.  

I'm pretty sure this is David's first popcicle.  

Kate is having a wonderful time.  She is pretty much happy regardless of what goes on around her. 

Michael is enjoying all the fun activities.  We went on a walk today, ran and played in the pool for a long time, and he still had too much energy at the end of the day.  This boy is tireless.  
More fun tomorrow!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Our Summer Officially Begins...

...tomorrow!  We head for Williamsburg on vacation.  
(Don't rob our  home while we are away.  You will be sorely disappointed.)
We got a couple of audio books to accompany the real ones so we can all enjoy them on the way to our condo.  I'll try to keep everyone updated on our adventures, but I anticipate a lot of swimming and book-reading and general, old-fashioned fun about to occur.  

Last Day of Kindergarten

Michael had his last day of kindergarten today.  
We celebrated with a party in his classroom, some gifts, and a picnic.

 Michael got the "Super Reader" award.  Great job, Michael.
Michael is reading a 'Q' on the Fountas and Pinnell benchmark assessment system, which is a beginning 4th grade level!  Just so you don't think I'm a complete bragger, his teacher said he should work on writing more neatly before he enters 1st grade.  

His teacher's asst made these really great memory books!  SO thoughtful and kind! 

 We were all there to celebrate Michael's completion of Kindergarten. 

Michael's class

A little sample of a song they sang for their families.  
We're looking forward to first grade, but first- SUMMER TIME!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Time= Pool Time

We got our cheap inflatable summer pool set up this week. 
David actually played in it this year (last year he screamed and hated it).   

There's been lots of water-logged fun around here lately.  
I had to institute a "no skinny dipping" policy, thanks to my daughters antics.  (rolling my eyes)