Wednesday, July 25, 2012

David at Age 2

David had his 2-year-old check-up, and here are his stats:
Weight: 30lbs (73rd percentile)
Height: 39.75 inches (>97th percentile)
Head: 49cm (58th percentile)
No shots, and he is growing very nicely!

Party Like a Two Year Old

We had lots of fun decorating for David's 2nd birthday party.
A RR Crossing sign on the front door 

The entrance 

Masking tape RR tracks on the floor led to the dining room 

Our train-themed dining room 

With a Thomas centerpiece 

We decorated with our books and train paraphernalia  

Kate made some homemade signs for the house. 

We got a couple Thomas decorations from Party City.  This is the doorway to David's room. 

David was quite excited to see the decor when he got up in the morning. 

He inspected the entire house for any sign of new decorations.  

Cake (Costco cake is YUMMY!) 

Fun and laughter 

Cake and Chickfila nuggets (I won a Chickfila platter by "liking" our local CFA FB page!) 

Cake makes us CRAZY!

Michael and cousin Erica 

The birthday boy enjoyed his cake 

Little artists coloring some Thomas pages. (We got a lot of fun activities of the Thomas and Friends website.)

Hide and seek 

The kids hanging out 

We finished with a Thomas movie.  Fun time!  
Happy birthday, David!  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

David is TWO!

This sweet cutie turned TWO YEARS OLD yesterday!
More to come soon regarding the festivities

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tooth Fairy Update

If you remember our exciting news, Michael lost not one tooth...
 ...but he lost TWO teeth at once.   (sorry for the blood.  Gross, I know!  But check out that excited face!)

Two holes in his gums.  

Michael wrote a sweet letter to the tooth fairy, then he taped his teeth to the paper.  

The tooth fairy left him a note behind and $1 per tooth (plus a bonus buck for losing two teeth at once).  Michael said he KNEW the tooth fairy was real because she had such nice fairy hand-writing. ;-)  And she left a picture of herself as further proof.  
Michael now speaks with an adorable little lisp, and he looks SO, so cute with his bottom two teeth gone.  

Garden Fail

I guess I should have done a better job anticipating the sunshine when I had Jon place my container garden where he did.  When he put it in, the sun shone well into the space, but as the spring grew into summer and the sun angled differently and the trees grew their shade, my garden got too much shade to grow the plants well.  I'm a miserable failure of a gardener. 
 The squash and zucchini grew tall then stopped all the sudden.  The tomatoes (which were of questionable health when I planted them) never grew from when they were transplanted.  

I got one puny orange bell pepper. 

I got exactly 7 green beans, though.  They were yummy raw.  I had 5 and David ate 2.  
Maybe one day i will figure out how to grow my own veggies. 

We {Heart} Books

Kate loves Skippyjon Jones books, and my friend Laura was so kind to notice this and send us FIVE Skippyjon Jones books.  (Thank you, Laura!!)
Kate was elated!

Michael tore through the other books she sent.  He thinks the our library's Summer Reading Club is a contest, and he's determined to win it with volume of books.  

Storm Damage

I got a few "after" pictures of what the storm left us as far as debris last week.  
Our deck had a lot of branches 

We lost quite a few limbs in the front yard. 

The street had quite a few small branches and such. 

Jon took down a couple very large limbs.  He loves chainsaw action.

 When our power was out for 4 nights and 3.5 days, I figured out that I could keep it much cooler inside by putting sheets up over the windows and sliding door.  It may have looked dumb, but it helped a lot. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

First Lost TEETH

Michael had an exciting first AND SECOND today!
 Wiggle Wiggle

VERY soon 

Today, I gave both bottom teeth a good yank, and BOTH of them came out!  Michael will be collecting a double treat from the tooth fairy tonight!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

To Delaware

Today, we will be headed to Delaware to remember the life of Jon's Aunt Pat, who entered heaven on Monday.  Aunt Pat was a frequent follower of our family's doings on this blog, and she often sent me little notes of encouragement via email and in the mail.  A birthday, anniversary, or any other special day didn't go by without a sweet note and thoughtful card from Aunt Pat.  She showed her love in many ways, but most specifically to us in the written word.   Though we do "not grieve as others do who have not hope"*, we will miss her.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Kid Pics, Spring 2012

Getting 3 kids to look at a camera simultaneously and smile is quite the feat, but Cynetta did a great job capturing my kids' personalities in the pics.  
Everyone is looking, at least 

David is smiling.  And Michael is smiling at David. I don't know WHAT Kate is doing.  

2 out of 3 

Just the boys

This one is definitely one of my favorites.  Kate is just plain silly, and David is pulling out his mad scientist face.  

David, Spring 2012

Sweet David is such a precious little guy.  He's mellow, enjoyable, and sociable.  He is such an easy-going guy to care for, and even easier now that he's starting to communicate more.  He will come and inform me, "Mommy, Hun-GEE," when he wants to eat, or "Nigh-Night" when he's tired.  David will be 2 years old in just 2 weeks, and we are thoroughly enjoying it as we see his personality coming out.  He's an absolute delight to us all.  

Kate, Spring, 2012

Kate, age 4 1/2, is our ray of sunshine in this house.  She is a lover of all things beautiful.  She is a morning person, an optimist, and is absolutely delightful.  When she's not creating art, writing (fantastically phonetically-spelled) notes, listening to audio books with accompanying paper books, or picking flowers, she can be found somewhere trying to mother her little brother.  We adore this lovely little girl.  She brings us such joy.