Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rising Sun Tavern

Today was Museum Day, so we got our free tickets to the Rising Sun Tavern where George Washington's youngest brother Charles lived.  
Charles Washington eventually turned his home into a tavern (old-time Bed & Breakfast with bar).  We received a lively tour from a tavern wench.  

 No indoor photography was allowed, so I only took outdoor pictures.

The gardens were beautiful.  This arbor had grapes growing over top of it.  

The kids were fascinated with the bird hotel.  

Lots of fun exploring and running outside. 

 Ye Olde Outhouse (boy am I thankful for indoor plumbing!)  
The tour guide/wench said that they were very concerned about pneumonia, which killed so many back then.  As a precaution, they only offered baths during "bathing season," which took place July-August.   And during bathing season, the tavern wench would be so kind as to change the bath water after only 3 people had used it.  And since the bath was about the size of a wide 5-gallon bucket, I'm sure it was an unpleasant experience all around. 

 Where statesman lodged

The well 

The kids enjoyed it, especially the guided tour.  We're glad we went.  We have so much history around here that we're trying to slowly get through some of the battlefields and historic places, as we are able.  

Another Lost Tooth

Michael lost his first upper tooth yesterday at school.
He looks SO adorable (if I do say so myself). 

He wrote another note to the tooth fairy.  She showed me the letter, and it made me laugh.
"Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost another tooth.  
do you have magic powers
can i have youre powers
can i hold you
by Michael  PS youre awesome" :-)

We will work on the grammar, but I just loved this letter, especially "can i hold you?" 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Simple Amusements

Kate and David found a good way to get a laugh.  
David has been disrobing lately.  He loves to at least have his shirt off, and sometimes more.  Beware if you drop in unannounced... ;-)

Marine Corps Museum Robotics Day

At the Marine Corps Museum, Saturday was Robotics Day featuring various uses of robotic devices in the military.  They have a full-sized drone hanging from the ceiling, but they also had a few smaller robots that are used as scouts and for remote operations.
This one was on display, and we were able to operate it using remote controllers.   Of course, Michael thought this was the BEST thing ever, and he now wants to join the robotics club after school. 

 They had a Lego robotics area, which the kids enjoyed. 

This robot was built by the robotics team from Garfield High School.  They demonstrated how it was designed to locate and pick up foam balls and deliver them to a holding area.  Also, they had a sorting element, as certain ones were magnetic and were worth more points.   

Michael Washington 

Kate Washington 

Kate the helper 

We love looking at the aircraft, though the kids got a little leery when we went all the way to the top observation deck.   It is pretty high.

Confederate Kate.  (though I think this is a Union suit, but that doesn't sound as cute.) 

Michael gets ready for an Marine initiation buzz cut.   

Early Marine marine initiatives 

Enjoying a little Sousa from the Marine Corps band 

The boys building a fortress 

Kate expressing herself in art. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crazy for Railroads

Saturday morning was absolutely beautiful weather, so we decided to take advantage of the Rappahannock Chapter of the NRHS Railroad Museum.  It's all outdoors with many perfectly-restored rail cars, and we got to take a little ride on an open-air repair car.  It was a perfectly delightful morning.
 Open Saturdays 9am-noon, run completely by volunteer RR enthusiasts.  

Restored rail cars

Original from the PA-Ohio line

Open for exploring 

Loved by little ones 

Inside one of the rail cars were a couple landscape RR models 

Coming down the track ... an open-air rail car that we were able to take for a ride.

It was about a 15-20 min ride.  We  even got to stop traffic for our trip across the street.  

Thanks for waiting, cars! 

It was the absolute perfect weather for this!  We stopped and turned around when we got to the main CSX lines. 

 The kids had a fantastic time!

 David and Daddy were all smiles. 

 Hand-truck for working all the live-long day.
It was a lovely, fun, free morning, and we will definitely be heading back sometime soon!  


Grandma and Grandpa Blakemore  and Aunt Deb were thoughtful enough to send us their maps for our enjoyment.  They sent a US map and a World map.  HOURS of fun ensued (though, I'm sure that last statement officially declares the extent of our nerdiness).
Michael, like his father, really enjoys maps.  Kate is also learning to love them, since she wants to be just like her big brother.   

The 2 older kids got out our US puzzle and started making an overlay on the map of places we need to visit in the near future.  I'm told that my husband was quite the travel planner when he was a child, as well.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Bundle of Sweetness and Cuddles

This girl is so precious.  She adds such sweetness to our family with her baby dolls, cuddles, giggles, artistry, and love of all things lovely (with a splash of extra pink).  
We love you, Kate!  I can't believe you will be FIVE YEARS OLD next month!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Perfect Weather

We have been taking advantage of this perfect weather lately, and we've been spending a lot of time outside.  
The kids love our swing set, and they are also big fans of dirt, climbing, digging, running, and jumping.  

The Energy of Boys

Sometimes, the boys need to get some excess energy out between Sunday School and Worship Service.  Jon took them out to run around on Sunday, since the weather has been so nice.  
Michael, ball of energy 

David, all boy!

Friday, September 07, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Tuesday was my birthday, and I was able to spend a good bit of it with my family.  I also took advantage of some birthday freebies.
Caribou coffee offers a free drink on your birthday.  Any size.  Any kind.  I got a large pumpkin spice white chocolate mocha, blended and topped with whipped cream.  It.  Was.  Amazing.  The kids thought it was great, too, as I shared about half of it with them.    

For dinner, we all went out to Firehouse Subs.  The boys really love their food, and I was able to get a free birthday sub (and she threw in a free drink, too!)
PS Ruby Tuesday and Red Robin offer free burgers on your birthday, and Auntie Anne's offers a free pretzel.  Good to know for next year. 

Thanks for those who sent cards.  I appreciate you thinking of me on my 33rd birthday!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Michael's 1st Day of 1st Grade

Michael headed off to first grade today, and we were sad to see him go.  He was up before 7 and couldn't WAIT to get on the bus for his first day back to school.  His teacher is so nice, and I know he is going to have a wonderful year learning lots of new things.  
When did this boy get so big?  It seems like the years are rushing past! 

See you at 4, Bug.  Love you & miss you.