Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Home & Garden Show 2012

The Fredericksburg Home & Garden Show was this past weekend, so we visited Daddy while he represented Rappahannock Building & Remodeling, Inc.
The wall had lots of nice pictures (lots more on the Facebook page) to show the quality craftsmanship that the company provides.  On the right side of the picture is a demonstration of the Kerdi Shower System that they use.  Here's a video.  

The kids and I enjoyed walking around and seeing all the displays.   The kids loved all the free candy and trinkets that the vendors were handing out.

I'm not sure why Fidelity Bank had a booth, or why they had a dressed-up lion.  Maybe to finance all the projects that people didn't know they needed until the home show?  Either way, the kids thought the lion was pretty awesome. 

 One booth had nothing except a Fiat.  Why?

This booth was for Invisible Fence, and they had a friendly dog that the kids loved petting.  

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