Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kate Turns 5

We had a day of fun and surprises yesterday to celebrate Kate's 5th birthday. 
 She loved her gifts

which included a new pink dress (with flowers and sparkles, just as she likes).

She wanted Cracker Barrel pancakes with apples and whipped cream for lunch.  They brought her a (free) piece of chocolate cake as a birthday bonus.  I'm pretty sure that Kate chose 100% carbs for all her meals.  Girl after my own heart.  :-)

After dinner, we went to Fun Land, per Kate's choice 

 Kate liked the very gentle rides and games.  

She was not excited about the motorcycle racing (though the boys loved it!) 

She really loved her gifts.  This was a book light from Grandma & Grandpa, which she really has been wanting for a long time, but I could give this girl acorns and a pile of leaves wrapped up, and she would love them.  

We painted finger and toe nails. 

We expended all that sugar-induced energy on the huge play tubes and moon bounce at Fun Land. 

Daddy must have sway because Kate asked for Daddy's favorite dessert instead of  a cake.  Oreo dessert capped off the evening right before bed.  Everyone slept well last night. 
Happy birthday, sweet, precious Kate!  We love you!!

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