Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Job

I spent the last 11+ years working as an Intensive Care nurse.  Throughout those years, I have been full-time, part-time, & occasional staff (prn), but the last couple of years had taken their toll on me both physically and emotionally.  Some physical challenges have made it hard for me to take really good care of patients who needed turning and lifting and complete care.  Also, I have been finding it harder to leave things at work emotionally.  Maybe it's just that I have children now, but I really struggled emotionally with the trauma patients and other tragic cases.  (Not that I was calloused before, but, in the past, I was able to take good care of my patients at work, but leave it there emotionally).
For over a year, I had been looking for another job. I had even considered quitting for a while, but I knew that would be a challenge to ever go back if I needed to in the future. Plus, with all the implications of my professional license, we decided that I should maintain my RN.
In the midst of prayer and searching (and lots of waiting!), God brought the most perfect job along to me.  I am not sure how I got this wonderful job, except that God is good.  I am now a part-time Nurse Consultant with my hospital system.  It requires more hours than the ICU, but at 20hrs/week, I am offered a full benefits package, which is such a wonderful bonus (it's been 8 years since we've had dental or vision coverage!), considering Jon's business.  So now, I do disease-process teaching and post-discharge follow-up, as well as after-hours triage for home health, hospice, & clinic patients, and for the Emergency Department.  Best of all, we are supposed to be able to work from home by the end of 2013 (fingers crossed!)  I am so thankful for this job. It's been a smooth adjustment for us all, and we are able to work our schedules so that Jon and I don't have to obtain childcare for our kids.  We are beyond thankful for this new job, and we appreciate those who prayed with us about it.  God is good!


Farm Girl in MD said...

So happy for you and your new job!! That's awesome that you should be able to work from home eventually!

Caleb and Emily's Mommy said...

That's great Karen! Enjoy your new job!