Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday, Michael!

 I should have known Michael was not feeling the best when he came downstairs this morning mellow and with little energy. He LOVES his birthday, and he has been looking forward to it for a while now.  

I suspected something wasn't right when he gave me fake birthday smiles and didn't eat his apple cinnamon danish for breakfast.  The school nurse called me about 11:15 and said that Michael was complaining of a headache and had a fever.  I picked him up, and he's been lying on the couch watching movies ever since.  
Michael got his first present last night- his very own library card!  He was SO proud! 

The other kids will celebrate for him.  Kate came down sporting her party dress and party hat at 6 something this morning.  This girls loves any opportunity to party, and she's spent the morning making cards, posters, and art work to celebrate!  David was so excited for the balloons.  
So, party festivities to be continued...

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Michael read to Kate.  A noteworthy moment of sibling peace.  
Michael learned to whistle this past week.  This is a great accomplishment for him, but one I wish he would not practice 24/7 now. ;-)

Turkey Trot 2012

Michael's school had a Turkey Trot 2 weeks ago, and me and the younger kids were able to make it out to watch him.  Kate, of course, made signs to support Michael.  
These are all the first grade classes getting instruction from the PE teachers.  Michael's teacher is in the brown.   

The girls ran first, then it was time for the boys to run.  You can tell that Michael was eager (little cheater is 2 steps ahead of everyone else).  

And they're off!
Michael didn't place, but he had fun.  He would sprint all-out for half a lap, then stroll and look at birds and such.  Then he would repeat.  In fact, I think that's how Michael does pretty much everything- either sprint or bird-watch.
Good job, GVES 1st graders!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kate Reads

Kate is doing a very good job with her reading.  She is absolutely delightful to listen to.  
Unlike her older brother, who blazes through books, Kate has lots of fun inflection.
We mostly practice on library books, since she has most of our books memorized.  

"You are not my mother.  You are a Snort.  I have to get OUT OF HERE!"

Cuties at Play

Kate and David play really well together.  
David will really miss Kate when she goes to school next year.

Daddy's Boys

David is especially attached to his Daddy.  
He adores him through and through (and it is mutual).  Every time David goes in the potty, he says proudly, "I tell Daddy I go pee-pee in the potty!"   

Michael is a little big to cuddle with Daddy on his lap anymore.  
We had to go pick Michael up from school today, as he was so "into" his school project that he forgot to pay attention when his bus was loading at the end of the day.  All the kids were gone when they realized, and Michael's teacher gave me a call to say he was there.  Silly student!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


My biggest kitchen helper discovered the packet of turkey innards, and he thought they were very cool.  
This was my turkey, which actually turned out pretty well.  I only make a turkey at Thanksgiving, so I always have to look up how to cook it.  I was scoping out youtube tutorials last night to remind me how to prepare it.  

He thought the lungs looked like a talking mouth.  

My sister Meredith and her family joined us for Thanksgiving dinner, and we had a lovely time.  Though I wish the rest of the family could have joined us, we had a nice, relaxing day of food, family, and football.  Fun!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

CYT's Beauty and the Beast

Today, we are going to see CYT's Beauty and the Beast with my sister and her girls.  We're pretty excited about it, especially since our friends the Scantlins are starring in the show.  
One of the reasons I really like Beauty and the Beast is that the "princess" is not a simple, dumb character like in many other Disney productions. Belle is educated and can think, and she chooses to love the beast for his character instead of loving him merely because the handsome prince rides in on his dashing steed and rescues the damsel from imminent peril.  It's refreshing to see a strong, intelligent female character with a good love story at the center (if you forget the kidnapping and held-against-her-will part...).

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cutie David

David is becoming much more independent.  He loves to climb up and get his own books off the shelf.
He is talking more and more every day, and it's really cute to see him imitating things that the big kids do.  He now insists on taking a book to bed with him like the big kids do. 

We are amazed by what a big boy David is becoming.  He seems to be growing and developing by leaps and bounds lately, and it makes me both happy and sad.  
Please excuse the underwear in the picture.  David was doing very well with the potty until the weather turned really cold.  Now he hates going into the bathroom with the cold tile floor, so we limited the pant-wearing to save some time when he has to go.  It won't be too long until we are diaper-free!  

Kate the Reader

Kate has decided that she wants to read.  Her goal is to read so well that she can read chapter books like her big brother.  She has been quite determined, and she has practiced a lot with me and with reading along with audio books.  She is doing GREAT!   
I'll get a video soon of her reading.  We have to mix up our book selection often, since Kate has a really great memory and can recite books after reading them a few times.  She's learning a lot, and I know she will really love going to school next year.  

More Fun With Leaves

The kids love to play in the crunchy autumn leaves.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Fallen Leaves of Fall

Big Pile of Leaves:

Big Pile of Leaves with a Michael in the Middle:
The kids have been enjoying Daddy's leaf piles in between their capture and removal (the leaves, not the kids...)

Thursday, November 08, 2012

PE Award

Michael won the Physical Education award for the month of October.  Apparently, he has the most energy to expend among all 1st graders in his school.    
Good thing, for his teacher's sake, that he has PE twice a week in the morning to get some of the excess energy out.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day 2012

I took all 3 kids with me to the polls today so I could cast my ballot.  I have been trying to educate the older 2 kids on the election process the last couple weeks, and Michael has been especially interested in the process, but still has yet to grasp WHY we elect leaders.  He has stated that he likes a certain candidate because "I like his style" (seriously, he said that!), or "He has nice hair."  Perhaps he's not far from the logic of an average 18 year-old voter, but at least he has 12 more years before his opinion actually counts for anything.  
As I was signing in to vote- 3 young kids in tow- showing ID, getting my ballot, and preparing to cast my vote, I discovered (a little too late) that Michael, who had asked to bring his notebook in to the polling place so he could "take notes on the election process" (seriously, he said that!), was actually making "VOTE FOR OBAMA!" signs that he was holding up to anyone who would look his way.   

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Banana Bread, David-Style

Even though it's a couple months old, I had to share this, since it's so cute.  

Halloween 2012

I had to work last night, so Daddy was on Trick-or-Treat duty.  The kids picked their own costumes:
Michael was a baseball player.  Kate was a winter fairy princess, and David was a fireman. 
As you can see, it was cold and rainy, and no one had their lights on in our neighborhood, but they had fun anyway.  I had the van, which meant they could not go far, so the kids had a candy scavenger hunt with Daddy at home.  Much fun was had by all.