Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cutie David

David is becoming much more independent.  He loves to climb up and get his own books off the shelf.
He is talking more and more every day, and it's really cute to see him imitating things that the big kids do.  He now insists on taking a book to bed with him like the big kids do. 

We are amazed by what a big boy David is becoming.  He seems to be growing and developing by leaps and bounds lately, and it makes me both happy and sad.  
Please excuse the underwear in the picture.  David was doing very well with the potty until the weather turned really cold.  Now he hates going into the bathroom with the cold tile floor, so we limited the pant-wearing to save some time when he has to go.  It won't be too long until we are diaper-free!  

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