Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Lights

We hopped in the van tonight and went to check out the area Christmas lights. 
The kids were already in their jammies, and Kate and Michael were wearing summer shorts sets.  They would not be persuaded otherwise, so that's why they are out in December in shorts and short-sleeves.   

The excitement of Christmas is evident on his face.  

We saw quite a few really great displays.

The kids were happy to shout "Christmas Lights!" at everything except a porch light.  
We saw a really cool house that had an FM transmitter with lights that were choreographed to the music.  We stayed and watched it for a while. 

We ended out night with Sweet Frog frozen yogurt, even though the kids were dressed for a mid-summer night's sleep, plus coats and fuzzy hats.  Part of the fun, I say.  This was our first trip there, and we really enjoyed it.  What a fun night we had!  

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