Monday, December 10, 2012

Train Show

We went to the Rappahannock Model Railroaders Model Train Display and Show on Saturday with the kids. 
 They really enjoyed all the trains and displays.  Some were interactive where kids could push buttons and make whistles blow and houses light up.  David loved that he could identify all the Thomas trains they had going.  

Michael sat on Santa's lap, but the younger two kids looked at me as though I were crazy when I asked if they wanted to sit on Santa's lap.   I asked David who Santa was, and he looked questioningly at me and said, "Doctor?"  I guess we should read a couple of tales of St Nicholas of yore so my poor kids aren't completely uninformed. On the other hand, it's really cute to hear David spontaneously pop out with "Happy birthday, Jesus!"

Kate and David really enjoyed some of the train play lands. 
What a fun event!

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