Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow Fun

The kids had lots of fun in the snow.  
What is it about the snow that makes the kids have to go to the bathroom 5 minutes after suiting up and playing (even if they went before?!)

 David was ready to go in the snow.  He got his coat, his fleece, his boots... and forgot the pants. 

 Kate all bundled up and ready to play

Michael enjoyed all sorts of snow-play, but mostly throwing it at other people.   

Kate did not enjoy snowball fights.  She just wanted to build snow castles. 

David finally got suited up (in a slightly large coat and rain boots).  

I knew he wouldn't last long anyway.  Once he got snow on his "gwoves" and they wouldn't easily clean off, he was done.  
While I am glad that the kids got to play in some snow, I am elated that the weatherman is calling for a 70-degree day on Tuesday!  Bring it on!!

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