Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Brown Family History

My mom posted this first picture today in memory of my grandmother (who we called "Nonie"), who passed away 13 years ago today.  My Nonie was an amazing lady. I learned so much more about her when I cleaned out her house after she died.  She went to college back in the 30s, back when it was not the common thing to do.  She not only got a bachelor's degree, but she also went on to get a Masters degree in Library Science.  She managed the overseas military libraries as a civilian for many years (Japan, France, to name a few), and she raised 2 girls on her own.  When I was going through her house and cleaning after she passed away, I found her original Master's Degree Thesis (type-written, of course).  In addition to all her accomplishments, my Nonie was so generous and loving.  We loved having her nearby when we were growing up, and she is sorely missed by us all!
This picture is circa 1984, so I was around 5 years old (this was pre-Melanie, my youngest sister).  Until this picture, I didn't realize how much Kate favors me as a child.
This is my wonderful mom as an adorable toddler.  She also possesses the kindness, generosity, and love that my Nonie was known for.  My mom has never known a stranger, and she can put anyone at ease.  After raising 5 kids (and dozens of other people's kids- she ran a daycare from our home), she put herself through nursing school and graduated at age 49.  She now works home-health as an RN, and continues to take care of other people with love and kindness, as she had done all her life.  We only wish she lived closer!

This is my Nonie and my mom & Aunt Janice, probably in the mid-60s in Springfield, VA.  Nonie was a very good seamstress (in addition to her many other accomplishments), and these outfits were all hand-made by her.  My mother also used to dress me and my 2 older sisters alike in hand-made matching outfits. 

This was my Nonie's wedding (early 1950s?)

This was Nonie's parents, who were known as Nana and Gaddy by my mom and aunt.  As you can see, Walter Medding, my great grandfather, was a Colonel in the US Army, and I believe this picture was taken in Tokyo.  

My great Grandfather was a pretty important military man, from what I hear.  I'll have to get together with my mom one day and go through her pictures with her.  I'd love to hear some of the fascinating stories of the Brown side of the family. 

This is at Fort Belvoir around 1953 when my Great Grandfather retired from the Army.

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