Monday, February 04, 2013

Farewell, Crib

David has been out of the crib for a little while now, but I just got the nerve to sell it.  I nearly cried.  See the slat-marks on the wall?  Dirty feet, maybe? 

We are converting the office (that we were using as a nursery) back to an office, and David has joined Michael upstairs in the boys' room.  It was an momentous occasion, though mostly for me.  They're growing up!  
On a side note, I mentioned that Kate had some blood drawn on Friday, as they suspected that she had Lyme disease.  Thankfully, the Lyme disease titer came back negative, but her blood work showed that she had a strep infection in recent months, so they put her on her very first antibiotic today.  She was so excited that it tasted like pink candy.  :-)  We're really thankful that it was a simple fix.

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