Monday, February 04, 2013

Ministering to the Elderly

One of the ways that we serve in our church is to occasionally lead Sunday service in a local assisted living center in the area.  This past Sunday was our turn to serve, and we were blessed as we ministered to the residents. 
My husband led music and preached (or mini-preached), and I read the scripture and assisted the residents with their papers and such.   I wish I played the piano, but we winged it a cappella.

The kids participated as well, and they did a good job singing out and in talking with some of the people there.  David was especially good at giving his cute smile and waving as we were talking and having fellowship with those who were able to come.  Michael did a portion of the scripture reading.  
The kids sat well and did a great job, and I think they are starting to see what a blessing it is to serve others.  My prayer is that they will grow up to love God and others, especially those who are not able to do anything for them. 

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