Tuesday, March 05, 2013

First Dental Visits

Thanks to our new dental plan though my work, I took the 2 older kids to their first dentist appointments this week.  They did great, and we're happy to announce NO CAVITIES!
Kate got a little anxious at the cleaning tools, but she hung with it and did great! 

Michael went first, and he also did great.  He did scare Kate a little when he was trying to warn her of the instruments.  He said that is was JUST like on Finding Nemo with a suck-y pen-thing for your spit.  ;-)
Today, I went to the eye doctor and was scolded for how long I went between appointments.  I've had a retinal detachment in the past, and I should have my eyes dilated every 6 months, and AT LEAST every year.  I will try to do better, if only to not get the lecture next time.  

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