Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Geese at the Lake

This goose thinks he owns the lake, and he was strutting back and forth guarding it to make sure that we kept a safe distance. I think he ensured that just with all the poop he left around.

Pest Control

Found this under my cubicle at work.  I hope I never find a rodent while I'm consulting with a patient on the phone...

The 3 Little Pigs

Michael's 1stgrade class put on a play of The Three Little Pigs on Monday. We all got to go and watch him sell bricks to the 3rd pig. Michael was a moose.

Friday, April 26, 2013


David wants to spend every moment of every day outside. Whether jumping on the trampoline, or playing with cars and trucks in the dirt, he is definitely all boy.

Spring Means Dirt

We have had some lovely days lately, and the kids have really been enjoying some extra play time in the dirt.

Such a Sweetie

David is such a sweet, cuddly boy, and he is just a blast of personality. He makes us laugh all the time, and I think it would be safe to say that we all adore this little guy.


Michael had a substitute teacher last week, and he was not crazy about her. So we talked about it, and we decided that the best response would be to write a letter to his regular teacher saying how much he appreciated her and how she taught.  This is the letter that he came up with. It was sweet for me, but he did write another letter to his teacher afterward telling her that she was his favorite.

Good Listening Ears

Kate decided that her swimsuit would be a great option for clothing one day last week. David asked Kate to read him some books, and promptly put earphones on.  This is one of my favorite pics, as it clearly shows Kate's gift for gab and Davids short tolerance thereof.

Library Book Sale

We went to the library on Wednesday to take advantage of the $1 box of books sale. They filled of entire cardboard box with any and every book the kids wanted, and they declared it the Best. Day. Ever. 

Playing Catcher

Michael got to play catcher in his last game. He looked awfully cute with all that gear on.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Not A Baby Anymore

David has grown and developed so much in the past couple months. He is using the potty independently, and he only uses a pull-up for bedtime. He also gets himself dressed completely, with the exception of buttons (though one day he surprised me and actually did his own button. ) He is getting very independent, and he is figuring things out quickly. He learned how to make the red horse swing go by himself, and he is doing a great job brushing his teeth. He has a very independent spirit, and he really enjoys the accomplishment of doing things on his own. We are proud of our little boy, who is not so little anymore.

Crafty Kate Gets Ready For School

Kate uses a lot of our recycling to make her arts and craft projects. Cereal boxes, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, Amazon boxes- nothing is beyond her creative scope. If you ask her, her favorite thing about school is going to be art class.
Next year, the kids' elementary school will be closed for the year for remodeling. They will be getting all updated classrooms, new HVAC system, a new administrative wing, many improvements, and significant security upgrades. We will be the third elementary school in the county to do this, so for the 2013- 2014 school year, the entire school- staff , students, administration- will occupy the first floor of the largest middle school in the county.   Yesterday, I took a tour of the facility that our children will be using next year, and they are quite nice. Though it will be a little different sharing a school with the middle schoolers, we look forward to the following year with a new and upgraded elementary school.

Weeping Willow

Kates favorite willow tree is growing green again. We have seen a massive amount of green appear this week, and we love to see the leaves and flowers returning. Welcome, spring.


Michael had his first baseball game on Saturday, and his second game was on Monday. We definitely love being out on the baseball field again. Go, lugnuts!

Spring is Here

We have all been enjoying warmer weather and sunny days.  Spring is more than welcome around here.  Longer days and lovely temperatures have had outside a lot, sometimes well past bed time. 

Curly Kate

I sure am going to miss this girl during the day when she goes to school. Today was sock-curl day for my little girl.  Isn't she sweet?

Monday, April 08, 2013

A Day in DC

On Friday, the last weekday of spring break, Jon took off a half-day to come along with us to DC to see a few sights and to visit the Air & Space Museum.  
Living close to DC doesn't necessarily mean we go into the city often. They raised the Metro fares (it was going to be $35-40 with David being free just to go to the Smithsonian and back!), so we opted to drive into downtown DC.  Not the best idea.  It took forever to find parking, and when we did, it was only a 2-hr parking limit.  They do have a cool parking feature where you pay the meter with your smart phone, though.   Live and learn and stick with what you know, even if it's pricey.  

The cherry blossoms were not at their peak, but a variety of flowering trees were blooming and beautiful!

 The kids (in direct sunlight. oops!) in front of the Air and Space Museum.

The loves of my life.  
I should have noted here when we arrived that Kate was already tired.  She has a very low energy level, and the walk from the van to the museum did her in.  

The boys thought the museum was cool.  Kate is having further meltdown.  It's rough being the only girl.  

We got to check out a real cockpit.  Doesn't my Michael look adorable in this picture!?

The Washington Monument is undergoing repairs from the damage that was inflicted by the earthquake in the summer of 2011.  

After out visit, we headed south for an evening of dinner and fun with some friends who moved away last summer.  Kate was out within a few minutes, though when she awoke, she insisted that she never slept.  She claims she was just pretending.  The snoring told us otherwise.  

David also took a snooze.  

Michael, my bundle of energy, is always ready for more. 
It was a fun day, and we had a lovely spring break!!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Spring Break Spring Cleaning

Michael begged to do some spring cleaning over spring break, so I put him on window duty.  He did a great job.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Michael and Katie were hard at work making tickets for a trampoline show they have been working on. They are raising money for a plot of 41 acres that they want to buy so they can build a museum. Tickets are $10 each, and the show will be Monday, for those interested. ;-)
 A fun spring break project.

Cloud Dough

We've done some fun things over Spring Break this week. 
 With Pinterest as inspiration, I made some cloud dough for the kids to play with on the deck.  It was 8 cups of flour and 1 cup baby oil.  This was crumbly but moldable, and the older kids loved it (David didn't like the way it felt on his hands).  
The kids have found all sorts of fun things to do both inside and out.  Michael caught a salamander today, until it bit him.  Ouch!  Imagination & adventure abound!  

Monday, April 01, 2013

Advantages of Having a Girlie Girl

One of the many advantages of having a girlie girl is the simplicity of her laundry.  Monday is when I do the laundry for the household, and Kate's laundry is by far the easiest. 
She had 7 dresses, 7 undergarments, 1 sweater, and a nightgown or two.  

Happy Easter, 2013

From the Blakemore kids
Michael was grumpy, but the rest were excited for Easter.  

Easter Weekend 2013

The Ohio Blakemores came to visit us this past weekend, and I actually remembered to bring out my camera.   
We visited Chatham Manor on a most lovely of Saturdays.  We had a picnic in the park, then the rest of the group went to Government Island after dropping me off at work.  Of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Fredericksburg without a trip to Carls

 A slew of Blakemore boys, and 1 sweet Blakemore girl.  Michael is pretending to be a statue.  David is so tiny next to tall Zachary.

My 2 youngest

The older boys (including my husband and his brother) played with a really cool rocket launcher that Michael brought along.  

David did such a good job hanging out with the older kids.  He missed his nap and stayed up way too late, and he just went along for the fun.  


I do NOT remember learning fractions in 1st grade!  I'm constantly amazed by how much and how early the kids are learning different concepts at school.  

Michael did very well on his fractions paper.