Monday, April 08, 2013

A Day in DC

On Friday, the last weekday of spring break, Jon took off a half-day to come along with us to DC to see a few sights and to visit the Air & Space Museum.  
Living close to DC doesn't necessarily mean we go into the city often. They raised the Metro fares (it was going to be $35-40 with David being free just to go to the Smithsonian and back!), so we opted to drive into downtown DC.  Not the best idea.  It took forever to find parking, and when we did, it was only a 2-hr parking limit.  They do have a cool parking feature where you pay the meter with your smart phone, though.   Live and learn and stick with what you know, even if it's pricey.  

The cherry blossoms were not at their peak, but a variety of flowering trees were blooming and beautiful!

 The kids (in direct sunlight. oops!) in front of the Air and Space Museum.

The loves of my life.  
I should have noted here when we arrived that Kate was already tired.  She has a very low energy level, and the walk from the van to the museum did her in.  

The boys thought the museum was cool.  Kate is having further meltdown.  It's rough being the only girl.  

We got to check out a real cockpit.  Doesn't my Michael look adorable in this picture!?

The Washington Monument is undergoing repairs from the damage that was inflicted by the earthquake in the summer of 2011.  

After out visit, we headed south for an evening of dinner and fun with some friends who moved away last summer.  Kate was out within a few minutes, though when she awoke, she insisted that she never slept.  She claims she was just pretending.  The snoring told us otherwise.  

David also took a snooze.  

Michael, my bundle of energy, is always ready for more. 
It was a fun day, and we had a lovely spring break!!

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Laura Ackerson said...

Looks like fun! I'd be right there with Kate--tired :) We usually try to get in to see the Cherry blossoms, but with the move it was just too much to try.