Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2013 Independence Day

We marked another 2 items off our summer bucket list on the 4th of July.  We went to George Washington's Boyhood Home- Ferry Farm, then we followed it with a cookout.  I had to work 3-11pm, but we still enjoyed a morning and early afternoon of festivities.  Plus, I got time and a half, which is always a bonus.  The unfortunate thing is that we only have 1 family vehicle, so the kids missed fireworks (or should I say LIVE fireworks, as they watched the DC fireworks on TV).  We had a fun-filled day on the 4th!
3 little Virginians

We got to ride a trolley to the event, as they had free transportation at a remote parking lot.  I'm sure we could have parked there, but the kids really enjoyed riding the trolley, especially David.  

Fancy trolley

Despite their expressions, they did enjoy the trolley ride.

Ferry Farm had lots of fun things for the kids to do.  Kate and David took their turns washing laundry by hand, just like in colonial times.  

We watched a blacksmith doing his... smithing?

A revolutionary war tent.  And bubbles

The kids got to take turns on the loom.  

Crafty Kate thought it was wonderful.  

She also enjoyed dying the wool for the spinner, but we didn't get an opportunity to spin any wool this time.  

Michael was pretty good at weaving.

Even David got a turn, though he was pretending the little pieces were boats on water.  

It was a hot day, so the kids enjoyed cooling off in the mist tent. 
A fun, memorable day for all!

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