Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Costco Adventures

Sometimes in the routine of life, you make the most memories.  
I'm not a shopper, but I really like Costco.  The kids think it's pretty great, too.  
Michael really wanted one of these fruit baskets.  He was thrilled that we could both hang bananas and rock a newborn baby in the cradle.  (BTW, we might be getting more bananas, but no plans for more newborns.) 

The kids wanted to pose for a picture outside Costco.  This picture captures their personalities exactly.  
Michael, up to something michievous and trying to get a laugh. David, happy-go-lucky and sweet.  Kate, precious and girlie in her dress and sandals, but fake-smiling because she was tired about 10 steps into the store.

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Caleb and Emily's Mommy said...

I think our three kids have the exact same personalities! Caleb is mischievous, Emily says she can't walk because it makes her too tired and she's very girly,and all Andrew does is smile.