Wednesday, July 24, 2013

David Turns 3!

My youngest baby turned 3 on Saturday!  Where has the time gone!?
 He's still a little confused when you ask him how old he is.

Our sweet, happy, lovable little boy! 

David really enjoyed his decorations. 

Waffles with maple syrup and a dash of Hershey's syrup for breakfast

David got a new dinosaur backpack, which he wears everywhere 

silly balloon fights 

He requested blueberry pancakes from Cracker Barrel for lunch.  Hey, it's his birthday.  Waffles for breakfast, pancakes for lunch, and macaroni for dinner.  Yum!  The Cracker Barrel staff sang him "Happy Birthday" and brought him a piece of free chocolate cake.  He dug in mid-song.  :-) 

David got to pick one toy from Cracker Barrel.  He chose a car that you pull back on, and it propels forward.  He loves things that move.  
 A co-worker was kind enough to work the first 4 hours of my evening shift, and I was able to stay home a little longer and party with my kids.  I'm very thankful for her!
We spent some time at Chuck E Cheese's (I have about a 30 minutes per year max tolerance of that place) and then we came home and had blue Jell-O cake, per David's request. 

Happy 3rd birthday, David!  

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