Sunday, August 11, 2013

Camp Half-Blood

Fabulous Friday at the library was in conjunction with the latest Percy Jackson movie.  
They had a library version of Camp Half-Blood.  
 Michael was over-the-moon. 

He found out that he is 78% half-blood. 
They also made camp necklaces as souvenirs.

David puts on his Ares, god-of-war face. 

Pin the eye on the Cyclops 

Kate's cabin was Hermes, the messenger god.  
She thought her silly face was appropriate.

They got to train on the obstacle course and go through the labyrinth. 

 Little cyclops

Littler cyclops 

 Relay races by cabin

"Capture the flag" 

Scorpion races 

David practices his crab/scorpion walk 

At the end, the campers gathered around the faux-campfire for a story.  
It was very well-done, and the kids had a great time. We love our library!

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