Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I took all 3 kids in for back-to-school check-ups, and we managed to get out of there with no shots!  All were declared healthy. Our pediatrician moved out to Spotsylvania, which is a good 25-30min south (depending on traffic), but since we rarely have to go see him, and since we love him so much, we make the trip.  Dr A was my pediatrician when I was a kid, so he and I go way back.  He was also selected as Top Pediatrics Doctor in the entire Northern Virginia area last year & this year- a well-deserved honor.

Michael @ 7 yrs
Michael is 4' 3" and weighs 84lbs
(Which is a LOT for his age, but if he stays true to pattern, this means that he is about to shoot up 6 inches or so.)

Kate @ 5 yrs
Kate is 3' 8.5in and 45lbs

David @ 3 years
Davis is 3' 1.5in and 35.5lbs

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