Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Library Party #2

I guess you could say we are library junkies.  We went to the end-of-summer party at our usual branch, and the kids had a great time.  
Michael looking sullen, like the real book cover.  

The library frog 

Face (or arm) painting 

She promptly (but accidentally) wacked me in the leg with her arm and left a rainbow print on my jeans.

 This guy sitting down is Michael's library buddy Seth.  Seth is a library volunteer, and he's "somewhere around 8th grade."  (He's a homeschooler, and he said they don't really keep track of what grade they are in.)  Seth and Michael have similar interest in books, and they have similar personalities.  

A hedgehog, which has to stay around 80 degrees. It was a cooler day, so he could only come out of the pouch or out from under the lights for a minute or two.

Popcicles outside (which was a smart place to eat them- look at David's there on the ground.) 

Firemen hats 

Summer Book Club prizes- NEW BOOKS!
The kids were elated!  They chose exactly what they wanted, and they each love their books dearly!

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Laura Ackerson said...

I love that goodnight construction site book :)