Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Via Colori 2013

Kate and I had "Girl's Day" (which was really closer to "Girl's 2-Hours") on Saturday, and we went to Downtown Fredericksburg's Via Colori, which is a festival of artists who color the streets with their creativity.   
Kate was beyond thrilled.  She wore her fancy dress for the occasion. 

She made her own rendition of street-themed art.  Her black paper was a picture of-- a street.   

The Via Bambini section of the festival 

 There were many talented artists.

Some families even worked together. 

Afterward, Kate and I were going to have tea at Pinkadilly Tea, but they were booked.     

So we browsed some shops and ended up at a bookstore and coffee bar, The Griffin, where we enjoyed browsing books and lingering over a flower-shaped, raspberry tea cookie.  

Sitting and enjoying a lovely Saturday together

One day, we will take a horse-drawn carriage ride.  David is dying to do the trolley tour, so maybe one day we can do that, too. 

Kate wanted a silly picture.  

And then a sweet picture.  
What a great time with my girl!

Michael, the Hard Worker

Michael brought this paper home from school.  He decided that he will work hard in the following 2 areas this year:
Sportsmanship and Awesomemanship

Engineering for Kids: Lego Robotics

Our local Engineering for Kids program had a free workshop for kids age 7-12, so we signed Michael up. 
Michael had a really great time working in a small group to build and design a robot.   

 The workshop was really cool, even down to the painting on the wall. 

 Even the bathroom looked cool.

Kate and David worked on their kindle skills while Michael worked on his robot skills.  

The wall in the waiting area 

The reception area 

Michael had 2 other guys in his group. 

They had robot wars, and the team of 2 girls won.  The leader said that is there's a team of girls, 90% of the time, they win.  
This was super fun for Michael, and we might consider a summer camp for him in the future. 

Church Cuties

Kate wanted me to take her picture after church.  
This is her favorite dress.  She wears it for any and all occasions, but especially if she thinks it's a fancy occasion.  Of course, she doesn't mind putting a ball hat on, too.  You can tell she's all girl, but one who has brothers.   

Hungry Michael wears some leftover lunch on his shirt.  He loves Sundays, because we often go out to eat afterward.  He's growing up before my eyes!

Sweet David always passes out free smiles. 

Hartwood Festival Days 2013

We recently went to a local even called Hartwood Festival Days, and the kids had lots of fun.  
They enjoyed the rides and had fun spending their tickets.  

This ride was similar to the tea cups at Disney, and Kate got a little sick.  I over-reacted a little and told them they should stop the ride and let her get off.  The carnie told me that he just expects a few vomiting kids each night, and he pointed over to a large jug of kitty litter for such occasions.  Yuck. 

Blakemore Landscapers

After a storm recently, the boys got to work removing the downed branches.
 Michael has been a good helper to Daddy lately. 

Jon uses a large piece of lumber to pull down a fallen branch. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Train Display

We went to a train display at the Rappahannock Model Railroaders Assoc, and the kids really enjoyed the displays.  
We entered a raffle to win a train landscape, and the kids are quite hopeful that we will win.  This is the same association that puts on the train show in December that we attended last year, so we try to follow when they are having events.  


The younger 2 kids took a reading break at the library while Michael finished making his selections. 

Sweet David

David likes to hold my hand on our walks.  
We take the stroller on our longer walks, and have been thankful for lovely weather lately.  

Kate Cooks

Kate was really upset that she didn't get homework the first week of school, so she made herself a little worksheet to do.  I told her she could help me with dinner, too.  
She's mixing the eggs so I could batter and fry the okra. 

Michael Starts Piano Lessons

Michael started piano lessons this year.
Thankfully, Daddy can help him out with rhythm and notes, as I'm not very musically inclined.

2nd Day of School

No one ever posts pictures of the 2nd day of school, so here you go:
Kate is holding a craft she made for her teacher.

More First Day of School 2013

The kids have really been enjoying their school year so far.
Michael is enjoying having recess again, and says his favorite parts are recess, lunch, and PE.

Kate loves doing crafts every day.

Excited for their first day.

The adventurous bus ride.
They have tweaked the bus schedules, and the kids ride a different bus now.  It's MUCH better now as far as times go.  

David was very sad that he didn't get to go to school, too.  

He has really enjoyed the extra time with mommy and daddy, but he asks for Michael and Kate often.  It's not unusual to hear, "When Michael and Kate get home, ..." 

We've had time for parks and walks and all sorts of David/Mommy time.  I miss the older ones, but they love school, so that makes it much better.  

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

First Day of School 2013

The kids had a GREAT first day of school.
Kate said that school was not "what she excepted," (she meant "expected") but it was still wonderful.  Her favorite part was "doing crafts," so I'm pretty sure she is going to love Kindergarten.  She was pretty upset that she did not have homework, though.  So upset, in fact, that she came home and made her own worksheet so she could complete it.  :-)
Michael enjoyed his class, too.  He said his teacher is "very nice."  He is happy that he has some friends from Kindergarten and 1st grade in his class.  He said that it looks like 2nd grade is going to be "kind of tough, since it's really 3rd grade work."  
The bus has been a little troublesome.  As I mentioned, the kids are occupying the 1st floor of the Middle School, since their school is closed this year for renovations.  It's about 10 min farther away, and the bus has been 25-30min late each time.  I'm hoping that it works out a little closer to the stated time so they don't have to wait so long.  From what I hear, the car-rider line would be worse, so we will wait for the transportation dept to work out all the kinks.  
David and I have been enjoying each other's company.  We went for walks and for library story time and to the store.  It's been a different pace for us.  Though he asks at least once a hour when Michael and Kate will be home, and though he misses them a lot, he will adjust and enjoy the one-on-one time soon enough.