Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Engineering for Kids: Lego Robotics

Our local Engineering for Kids program had a free workshop for kids age 7-12, so we signed Michael up. 
Michael had a really great time working in a small group to build and design a robot.   

 The workshop was really cool, even down to the painting on the wall. 

 Even the bathroom looked cool.

Kate and David worked on their kindle skills while Michael worked on his robot skills.  

The wall in the waiting area 

The reception area 

Michael had 2 other guys in his group. 

They had robot wars, and the team of 2 girls won.  The leader said that is there's a team of girls, 90% of the time, they win.  
This was super fun for Michael, and we might consider a summer camp for him in the future. 

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