Wednesday, September 04, 2013

First Day of School 2013

The kids had a GREAT first day of school.
Kate said that school was not "what she excepted," (she meant "expected") but it was still wonderful.  Her favorite part was "doing crafts," so I'm pretty sure she is going to love Kindergarten.  She was pretty upset that she did not have homework, though.  So upset, in fact, that she came home and made her own worksheet so she could complete it.  :-)
Michael enjoyed his class, too.  He said his teacher is "very nice."  He is happy that he has some friends from Kindergarten and 1st grade in his class.  He said that it looks like 2nd grade is going to be "kind of tough, since it's really 3rd grade work."  
The bus has been a little troublesome.  As I mentioned, the kids are occupying the 1st floor of the Middle School, since their school is closed this year for renovations.  It's about 10 min farther away, and the bus has been 25-30min late each time.  I'm hoping that it works out a little closer to the stated time so they don't have to wait so long.  From what I hear, the car-rider line would be worse, so we will wait for the transportation dept to work out all the kinks.  
David and I have been enjoying each other's company.  We went for walks and for library story time and to the store.  It's been a different pace for us.  Though he asks at least once a hour when Michael and Kate will be home, and though he misses them a lot, he will adjust and enjoy the one-on-one time soon enough. 

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