Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Via Colori 2013

Kate and I had "Girl's Day" (which was really closer to "Girl's 2-Hours") on Saturday, and we went to Downtown Fredericksburg's Via Colori, which is a festival of artists who color the streets with their creativity.   
Kate was beyond thrilled.  She wore her fancy dress for the occasion. 

She made her own rendition of street-themed art.  Her black paper was a picture of-- a street.   

The Via Bambini section of the festival 

 There were many talented artists.

Some families even worked together. 

Afterward, Kate and I were going to have tea at Pinkadilly Tea, but they were booked.     

So we browsed some shops and ended up at a bookstore and coffee bar, The Griffin, where we enjoyed browsing books and lingering over a flower-shaped, raspberry tea cookie.  

Sitting and enjoying a lovely Saturday together

One day, we will take a horse-drawn carriage ride.  David is dying to do the trolley tour, so maybe one day we can do that, too. 

Kate wanted a silly picture.  

And then a sweet picture.  
What a great time with my girl!

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