Friday, October 25, 2013

California Trip, 2013, Day 3&4 (Fri and Sat)

I decided to combine these 2 days, since both days were mainly centered around wedding festivities.  Friday, We headed south from LA toward the lovely city of Oceanside. We checked in to our hotel, Comfort Suites, which I got at a discounted rate, plus a 30% coupon for the entire stay.  

It was a suite, so much more comfortable with a family of 5.  If you ever find yourself in Oceanside, CA, stay at the Comfort Suites Marina. You will thank me.  

 They had the best (free) breakfast we have ever had at a hotel.  The lady who ran the breakfast room was amazing.  She kept it in tip-top shape and was so helpful.  

 You know you're in Southern California when you find Tapatio hot sauce on each breakfast table. 
Our drive down to San Diego county was a beautiful drive on the Pacific Coast Highway with mountains on the left and ocean on the right.  We went to lunch shortly after checking in.  It was a small diner that had good food and large portions, but WHEW!  It was so expensive.  
After lunch, we parked and spent a little time at the beach.  You can't go to a place called Oceanside and not go to the ocean.  
(These next few are borrowed pictures, since it was high tide, and I was trying to keep the kids alive.)
The sand in Oceanside was a dark gray.  It's interesting how different and unique beaches can be.  Farther south, the rocks got bigger, and the sand less plenteous.  

The road ran right along the beachfront.  We parked and took a nice walk.  It wasn't too busy, considering it was October and a weekday, but it was a lovely, sunny day, and we loved it. 

The Oceanside Pier had a restaurant at the end, at which my mom, brother, and sister's family ate. Meredith said that she kept feeling the floor shift with each wave, which sounds quite unpleasant to me.

The kids declared that a library was in order for the afternoon.
So we visited the Oceanside Public Library.

We're always up for a library or park.

The rehearsal dinner was at a casual Italian Restaurant called Ciao Ristorante in Vista, California.
We squeezed too many Browns into one table, and we had a lovely evening.
 Kate and her cousin Olivia do some dancing.

 Too many Browns (current and former) at one small table.

The bride and groom (to be)

Saturday was the wedding.  It was a picture-perfect day with sunshine and temperatures in the low 60s, high 70s.  The wedding was at Guajome County Park, and it was lovely.

The park area entrance had a "tree" where we all left our finger prints (for future ID in case we slipped some catering equipment in our vehicle, perhaps?)
 Erik and Melanie

 We loved that they had their wedding at a park.  It was a much-enjoyed 5-6 hours, and the kids were slightly sunburned and thoroughly exhausted at the end.

 We attempted a family picture.  This extra little cutie came and sat right by us, and he wouldn't leave.  We decided to just go with it.  What's one more, right?

 The blushing bride

My kids found all sorts of wonderful things to climb




 3 little monkeys in a tree

 Beautiful setting, lovely flowers, perfect day

 The big day!!

 Getting ready for the ceremony

 My mom walked Melanie down the aisle

 Man and wife, man and wife

 Faces of bliss

It's wonderful to be married to the love of your life.

 The quirky and apt wedding cake

 Michael busts out his breakdancing moves

They had a photo booth, which Michael had a lot of fun with.
Aviator Michael

 Flying Ace

 Dapper Dan

The 3 kids with Aunt Mel

We stayed to help clean up in the afternoon, then we got some dinner at a place called Angelo's Burgers (It will be a long time before I want to go to a burger joint again) with my sister Meredith and her family.  Jon got a Gyro that he thought was amazing.  The rest of our food was unimpressive, to say the least.  Then we went home and slept for a long time.  It was a great day!!

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