Monday, October 28, 2013

California Trip 2013, Day 6 (Monday)

On Monday, we took the kids to the place that they have been anticipating since we told them we would be going to California for Aunt Mel's wedding- Legoland!!  We were able to get the kids in free with adult tickets, thanks to the free Lego & Lego Jr magazines that the kids get every month.  The tickets also came with access to the Sea Life Aquarium, which was enjoyed as much as Legoland.  
The sun is bright in California.

Lego tourist

Storybook ride

Mom and Kate rode together, and Dad and boys rode together

Storybook Land, Lego-style

When you stomped on these circles, it added that instrument to the concert.

Lego Volvo

Lego Bumper Cars

David Wins!


 Daddy and Kate


 Mini DC

 Dad and Michael rode this very cool ride that flung you around.

 It was an articulated arm that went in random directions. Adrenaline junkies.

Kate was tall enough to ride this roller coaster.  You can tell the difference in my older 2 kids here.  Michael wears his emotions on his sleeve.  Kate said it was fun.  I think she even smiled.

Kids, Chewy, and R2D2

David was concerned that his siblings might go to the dark side.

The bathroom signs made me smile.

Cute signs.

After Legoland, slight sunburns, and lots of walking, we went to the Sea Life Aquarium.
 The kids love sea life, thanks to Nemo

 Under Sea Exploration

 Scuba Divers

 This crab was frighteningly huge

 Petting Zoo

 Thankful for hand sanitizer

 Sharks overhead

 Checking out the big aquarium

 Sea Horse

 We found Nemo

 Hermit crabs and star fish

3 cuties after a full fun day

That evening, we got another deeply discounted hotel, which was the Hilton, and we were on the 12th story.  We watched lots of airplanes land, and it was really cool to see the city lights from this vantage point.

Jon had the great idea to lay the kids sideways on the bed.  I wondered why he waited until the last night to suggest this. The kids were plum worn out, which was good, since we had an early flight in the morning.

We had a full, fun day.  

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