Monday, October 28, 2013

California Trip, 2013, Traveling Home(Tuesday)

Our flight left LAX at 8am, so we had to get up quite early.  We had adjusted slightly but not totally to Pacific Time, so this was not as hard as our trip out to CA.
As we were boarding, the captain saw our kids and insisted that they come up into the cockpit for a tour.  They were elated, and I was so busy watching them that I almost forgot to get a picture until the stewardess reminded me.   Luckily, they didn't move any essential levers, and we arrived safely in DC.  With the time change, it was nearly 4:30pm when we landed.  

They played Planes (like Pixar Cars) on the last leg of the way back, so the kids were  duly occupied. 

I even got a little time to read.  It was nice.  Until David had too much milk and needed 4 trips to the potty.  Oh well.  This is my life, and it is glorious. 
We arrived home after a long and frustrating trip down I95 south in rush hour.  Whoever says LA traffic is worse than DC traffic is nuts.  Worst trip on the roads was our trip down 95.  We stopped for a bite to eat, then the kids went right to bed when we got home.  
We hit the ground running when we got home, so no rest for the weary, but we sure were refreshed by the warm California sunshine and a break from the routine.  

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