Monday, October 28, 2013

Michael's Field Trip to the Science Museum

Last Thursday, Michael's 2nd grade class took a field trip to the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond. 
Fun videos here
They just finished studying the life cycle of a butterfly, so they went to see the IMAX of Flight of the Butterflies.  I was able to accompany the class as a chaperone.  

Lots of hands-on activities 

Cool exhibits 

A reptile room, where the kids got to pet a snake.  Ewww! 

Rat basketball 

Conditioned like Pavlov's dog 

 Petting the rat.  Ewwww.

The IMAX theater was very cool.

My group of 5 sat WAY up high, so we could get the best vantage point.  


Simple machines- pulleys 

Michael getting ready for blast off. 
We were supposed to be back at school by 2:30, but I-95 traffic prevented that from happening.  I was a few minutes late to work, but it was worth it to accompany the class on this cool trip. 

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